Montessori School of Columbia

Website strategy, redesign, and content writing for a local Montessori school in Columbia, SC.

Tools we have used:

The Client

The Montessori School of Columbia is the only dual-accredited school in South Carolina with accreditations from the SAIS (Serving & Accredited Independent Schools) and American Montessori Society (AMS). 

MSC has approximately 140 students, ages 3-12, in six mix-aged classes on a quaint, 2.5-acre campus in the heart of the Rosewood neighborhood.

The Problem & Solution

The Montessori School of Columbia (MSC) came to us with a very outdated website that hadn’t had any significant updates in 5 years and wasn’t serving their needs. The administration wasn’t even able to update any of the content on the website or make changes when we first met, although we solved that for them in the initial consultation. Below is a summary of our findings.

Objectives and Goals

Our mission was to modernize the website and expand the content through an in-depth analysis of user needs. 
After our website strategy sprint was completed, we learned we needed to focus on two distinct users: prospective parents & current parents. This approach involved creating unique user journeys throughout the site depending on which user was engaging with the site.

We’ve summarized the goals more below.

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User Research

Presented here is a representative user persona for whom this site has been meticulously crafted. This extremely summaized section encapsulates our key findings, although it omits certain specifics intentionally to safeguard the interests of our valued client.

Paula Janson

Progressive Parent

  • Aged 30-50
  • Professional/creative occupations
  • Middle to high income
Frustrations & Fears
  • Limitations of traditional education
  • Lack of diverse options
  • One-size-fits-all approach
Wants & Aspirations
  • Child’s holistic development
  • Critical thinking, empathy, and independence in their child
  • Being part of an educational revolution
Key Purchase Drivers
  • Quality, personalized education
  • Progressive, diverse curriculum
  • Value for money
"I want a school that nurtures my child's uniqueness and potential."

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